Software Developer / Software Engineer (Remote)

Work Type: Full Time

Teetra, Inc. is an early stage, growth-oriented company looking for a highly productive software developer with the ability to self-direct and learn new technologies based on tons of experience designing, coding and scaling logic and data in high volume web and analytics applications.

We founded Teetra to unlock access, discovery, revenue and transparency for artists and enthusiasts worldwide. Our mission is to make creative professions profitable, while boosting bottomlines for galleries and other venues.


Responsible for code and / or asset management, conversion, verification, and maintenance.  Design and develop vision, speech and other artificial intelligence-based analyses algorithms using signal processing and machine learning principles. Act as an individual contributor or member in the team to deliver AI outcomes using commodity smartphone edge processing. Intermediate or expert in one or more of image processing algorithms, machine learning, data mining, pattern matching and parallel processing using high performance computing paradigms such as GPGPU. Able to extend and improve existing algorithms to improve facial, speech, vision and gesture recognition technologies for better accuracy, robustness and ease of use.

Note that the ideal candidate will fulfill some but not all of the following requirements, and will be sufficiently passionate and self-directed to fill knowledge gaps through research and experimentation.


  • B.S. in Computer Science, experience in producing one or more commercial applications, or equivalent academic background with analytical, mathematical, data structures experience
  • Conversant with database methodologies and systems including big data and NoSQL stores like Hadoop and MongoDB and willingness to learn new platforms, as needed
  • Good knowledge of Linear Algebra and statistics with strong hands on experience in objected oriented programming and C/C++, Matlab programming or similar
  • Demonstrated knowledge in computer vision and/or facial recognition, speech recognition, and speech signal processing
  • Hands on experience in pattern recognition application development (feature selection to pattern recognition algorithms for classification using neural networks, fuzzy classifiers, etc.)
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct independent and novel research to help create new on-device deep-learning based speech and vision sensing technologies a plus
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct independent and novel research to build best-of-breed solutions for vision and voice biometrics using acoustic sound event sensing technologies a plus
  • Demonstrated exposure to image processing algorithm optimization, and other code level optimization
  • Experience with open source vision and machine learning tools such as CUDA, Caffe, fastText, OpenCV, Parsey McParseface, SciKit, Torch, Tessaract, TensorFlow, Theano a plus



  • Hadoop, MapReduce, MEAN, Angular, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, NodeJS
  • Continuous development and integration best practices
  • Algorithmic design and implementation; reasoning through algorithmic tradeoffs
  • Search and information retrieval
  • Analytics, data warehousing and business intelligence 
  • Information visualization

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